Electronic Improvisational Music

Unique synthesizer sounds from the early 80's

released December 9, 2009

Musicians and equipment:
Michael Pabst - Roland GR-33B
Matthias Bornemann - Moog Prodigy, Nomad Axxeman and Dynacord Memory Delay Line MDL 10

The Roland GR-33B is a polyphonic 4-voice Analog Bass Guitar Synthesizer and offers 2 oscillators per voice.
The Moog Prodigy is a monophonic analog synthesizer and also offers 2 oscillators which can be synchronized to generate unique waveforms.
The Nomad Axxeman is a rare guitar pre-amp manufactured in the United Kingdom in the early 80's.
The Dynacord MDL 10 is a digital delay with 7 effect presets. Every effect can be modified in tone, intensity and regeneration rate.

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